Magento partner meeting, Feb 2018

(Guido Jansen) #1

*Community and partner contribution to Magento 2 is a great success and growing (511 community developers contributed in 2017)

  • I heard a lot of positive reactions from the Community on the improvements and stability of Magento 2.2.2
  • We can’t wait for the Magento 2.3 version, like PWA and the new CMS+ (Pagebuilder)
  • We can expect a lot more enhancements in terms of Personalization, Dynamic Segmentation, Advanced B2B, Omni-Selling, Sales Channels integrations, Multi-Source Inventory and so one.
  • Make sure to connect your Magento 1 or 2 webstore to Magento BI Essentials, it will give you as a merchant the insight you need!
  • As a company, Magento is growing and investing. The team in Europe has never been so big and will keep growing in 2018. They will also heavily invest in the relationship and the success of their Magento Commerce customers.
  • There has been an impressive growth in the amount of new (big) B2B customers who choose Magento as there commerce solution.
  • Magento Cloud is here to stay and will be a big focus point!

Sprekers/ Experts:

  • Yannick Röling, Experius
  • Tjitte Folkertsma, MediaCT
  • xxx

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